Thank you from the Hauets

We were deeply, genuinely moved by the time you gave to be there and the words you wrote. Of course, special thanks to Paul for the gracious proffering of his stately venue, plus full plates and glasses; Raymond Wong, the roving Mr. Alumni; Eswar Mani, especially for posting this note (The delay is entirely my [Mrs. Hauet’s] fault.); Ricky Dasdeb; Koh Terai — and to Sab Kagei, who chauffeured us that evening, then spent his time taking treasured photos.

Edward Suzuki publishes English edition of "GOoD Design Philosophy"

GOoD Design Philosophy book cover

Edward Suzuki, Class of 1966, has released an English version of his book GOoD Design Philosophy, with new endorsements by Deepak Chopra, Ervin Laszlo, Bruce Lipton, Michael Schneider and Lynne Twist. In Edward’s words, “ ‘GOoD Design’ is a play on words I came up with to reflect my belief that Nature and the Universe are, in all their physical and poetic elegance, God’s greatest work of architecture. To me, ‘God’ and ‘good’ are one and the same.”

The book is available from the following sources:

SMAA hosts Peter & Mary Hauet

Dear Alumni,

Thanks to Mary & Peter Hauet for taking time to visit Tokyo and St. Mary’s during their recent visit to Asia. Peter spoke to a group of students, parents, staff and alumni on Friday, Nov. 10, at St. Mary’s about the challenges of college admissions. The Hauets’ visit culminated in an Alumni gathering at the residence of Paul (’80) and Takako Kuo on Monday, Nov. 13, when over 50 alumni, staff, and families convened to welcome the Hauet duo back to Tokyo. Special thanks to the Kuo family for so generously opening their home for the visit.

Multi-Purpose Hall Seat Sponsorship

Have you noticed the gold nameplates shining from the backrest of the seats in our Multi-Purpose Hall? They’re the perfect memento for students, alumni and families to commemorate their years at St. Mary’s International School.

Now is the final chance to sponsor a seat in the Multi-Purpose Hall and mark your gift to St. Mary’s with a nameplate engraved with the words of your choosing. Kindly donate by Jan. 27 to ensure the placement of your engraved plate.


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