Class of 1976 Reunion: St. Mary's Reconnect 2016 - 40th Anniversary

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Dear St. Mary’s Class of 1976 Members:

Forty years.  That’s a long time.  1976… It was the year that the US celebrated its bicentennial and the year of the Montreal Olympics.  Pan American Airlines (PanAm) introduced the Boeing 747 SP on its Tokyo – New York (Haneda to JFK; no Narita yet), the Lockheed scandal rocked the Japanese government, the most popular song in Japan was about a swimming Tai-yaki-kun (fish-shaped cake), and in June of that year, 45 students graduated from St. Mary’s International School, full of hope and dreams.

That’s you.

We’ve been known as a disorganized group.  I’d like to think we’re just independent.  From time to time, our classmates found time to gather in Tokyo to have a dinner here and there, but rarely has there been a large gathering.

We’d like to change that.

On September 3, 2016, we’d like to invite anybody who was part of the class of ’76, including those who passed by for a year or two—whether it was in elementary, junior, or high school—to join us in our 40th anniversary reunion.  Please bring your spouses/family members, too.   It’s our chance to ask each other, “Hey, how’s it going?” to “Wow, how long has it been?” 

The particulars of the event (cost, exact time, accommodations for out-of-town guests, transportation, etc.)  are still being worked out.  The organizing committee incudes Mark Miller, Naotaka Okuno, Whitney Rich, and myself (Joseph Lee).  Our challenge is simple… we want as many of you out there to come to Tokyo to join us for the celebration.  And, why not bring your family, too?  The yen is cheap, the food is great, and if you haven’t been to Tokyo for a while, you’d be amazed at the transformation.

There will be one main event on the evening of September 3rd, a Saturday.  This will be held at the Tokyo American Club (TAC).   We are also arranging for a tour of St. Mary’s for those who haven’t visited the campus in a while.  Assuming we have enough people interested, this will happen in the afternoon of 9/3.  We may add additional events if we get a larger number of out-of-town alumni.