Run 311 - Participate by Running

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Run311 is a volunteer initiative started by 
  • Arnab Gupta (Class of '96, formerly GE/Agilent Technology Business Development, now an entrepreneur)
  • Takayuki Furuyama (Founder of イトナプ石巻, a post-3/11 initiative to get 100 IT specialists coming out of Ishinomaki) 
  • Yoshihiro Kurashige (取締役 at Netyear Zero, one of Japan's oldest Internet companies) 
  • Dong Yol Lee (early evangelist of startup culture in Japan and Korea/founder of Startup Weekend Japan)
A few months after 3.11, we all met at Startup Weekend event which Lee-san was organizing, Kurashige-san was a judge, and Arnab was a participant. Arnab was already doing some project work implementing IT-based solutions to help the people out in the affected areas. One thing led to another, and the four of them decided that they would schedule a run event and build an app that would connect people around the world in memory of the events that had occurred. 
The goal is to create a platform in which people take part in a run event, or any physical activity, in commemoration of the disasters that affect various people in various parts of the world. We know there is a large population of people who are regular participants in such events, and we want to tap into this energy.
Creating a community and providing encouragement to people in disaster areas are the main goals. Auxiliary goals may be to provide for a feeling of well-being to the participants, as this is giving them an opportunity to be physically active.
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