Thank you from the Hauets

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To all of you who attended the Reception at Paul Kuo’s residence in November and to those who were kind enough to email:

We were deeply, genuinely moved by the time you gave to be there and the words you wrote. Of course, special thanks to Paul for the gracious proffering of his stately venue, plus full plates and glasses; Raymond Wong, the roving Mr. Alumni; Eswar Mani, especially for posting this note (The delay is entirely my [Mrs. Hauet’s] fault.); Ricky Dasdeb; Koh Terai — and to Sab Kagei, who chauffeured us that evening, then spent his time taking treasured photos.

As we breathed in the joy of being there, we kept thinking that often a person returns to a place, only to realize they have indeed left. But during our time together, and later, as we read your words (the flag is a gem), we looked at all your faces, envisioning your student days, and we realized that large corners of our hearts have never left St. Mary’s. Luckily, they will always be held captive by the unique, lively memories that each of you created.

Thank you so much.

Gra agus beannacht! (a bit of Irish to say “Love and blessings!”)
Mr. and Mrs. Hauet